Monday, 27 July 2015

Heavy and Mini Hauler Tote Bag pattern by Two Pretty Poppets

Now released is the next pattern from Two Pretty Poppets - The Heavy Hauler Tote Bag - which you can make as a large or mini bag

First up, here is the large version - designed to carry large loads - the strong handles go all the way under the outer pocket, across the bottom and back up the other side - making it suitable to carry bottles of water, or, as I am reliably informed THREE bottles of wine! Now, that'd be a great picnic!!
You could also use it to carry heavy folders to work, or books to the library and you can even fit a laptop in!

There are frames that support the opening of the bag, they add structure, and hold the bag open so you can load it up.

The bag comes together beautifully and the instructions have lots of helpful pictures that make it really easy to follow along with the steps.

Next, here is the mini version - still a strong sturdy bag, just for a slightly smaller load! The stitched grab handles add a really cute detail!

I decided to make mine as a lunch bag, so I used laminated cotton for the outer fabric and used PUL for the lining, so the bag is completely waterproof.

This time I left the optional pocket off the outside, and made a slight modification to the lining to make a simple little slip pocket - this is somewhere I can pop an ice pack, and there is even a little slot for some cutlery!

The pattern is available NOW at a special release price of $4.50 USD but only for a limited time.
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sasha Easy Fit pattern by Laela Jeyne Patterns

So, we're finally getting a bit of sunshine in the UK - time to do some summer sewing for me!!

The Sasha Easy Fit is a great versatile pattern to add to your collection - options for dress, blouse and romper - yes you read that right - romper! They're not just for kids!!

I think I like mine best styled with a belt - but there is elastic at the waist to keep it fitted perfectly to you as well.

I chose to add the optional sleeves to my romper, and there is also the option to add a pretty lace insert to the back.

Mine is made with a light drapey knit, and is super comfy! Knit definately works best with the romper, as it gives you the stretch you need to get it up over your shoulders!!

And what about trips to the bathroom I here you ask?! Well again, because I used stretchy knit - it's easy to pull to one side ;) So no need to fully undress, lol!!!

Next I made the blouse - this time the sleeveless option and I used chiffon for a nice floaty top (it's hard to see in the pictures, but there are lots of tiny cats on the fabric - CUTE!!!)

There are lots of great images and fitting instructions in the pattern - as well as finished garment measurements to allow you to compare to your own measurements, so you can get the perfect fit for you.

Marisa, the designer, took all the testers opinions into account during the testing, so as to make this pattern as great as it can be!

The pattern is available now HERE and is on sale at just $5.40 (There is also a 40% off sale shop wide!!)