Friday 5 September 2014

E+M Patterns Dress No.13 pattern release

Once again I have been very lucky to get to test for Allison at E+M Patterns, and once again she has produced a beautiful and practical little dress!
You would not believe how beautifully neat this dress is on the inside, I would say it's professionally finished, but it's actually better - it's couture! You certainly wouldn't get this attention to detail in your average high street clothing!
There are options for one or two ties and one or two buttons for the neck closure - both equally cute (I tried all of the options!)

The dress looks great on - lovely on its own for warm days, and also works wonderfully with some layering when it's a bit chillier!
As always Allisons instructions are great, and you might even learn some new techniques you haven't tried before!
The upper part of the dress is lined, but this can easily be extended all the way to the hemline to make a reversible dress as one of the other testers did.
The pattern will be on sale at $4 (usually $8) until Monday - So get in quick and grab yourself a bargain!

The pattern is available here and for some more inspiration from the other testers creations, look here

I highly recommend this pattern, as well as all the others from E+M Patterns!


  1. I adore the last photo!

    Thanks so much for your help testing this pattern and thanks for the kind words. :)

    1. Me too!
      You're welcome - it really is a lovely pattern!

  2. Our little princess! Lovely sewing again, Stacey.
    Sue xx

  3. Wow this little stylish dress looks fabulous in both forms, and I have seen the amazing seams on the inside, wonderful pattern testing and sewing Stacey, xx love Mum

  4. The above comment is from me Lesley Clements, Stacey's mum, oops!!