Wednesday, 29 August 2018

New pattern - Piper BoHo Tunic from Wardrobe By Me

Well technically this pattern isn't new, it's a refresh of one of Christina's older patterns - so let's just say, it's as good as new! Here is my Piper BoHo Tunic:

If you are after a versatile top pattern that will work across all seasons - this is a very safe bet! With three length options, three neckline options and three sleeve options - that's already a potential of 27 different tops! And then if you throw different fabric weights into the mix, the possibilities are endless!!

I already loved the look of the original Piper Tunic, and Christina wanted to update the pattern to bring it in line with the newer style of her other Wardrobe By Me patterns - I was very excited to help test out the new instructions and sew up my own version.

I chose to sew a tunic length version with long sleeves (with tabs) and shirring at the neckline and I'm really pleased with how it turned out :)
Based on my measurements I sewed a size 10, and the fit came out great first time.

Fabrics with good drape will work best for this pattern, as they will hang nicely - rayon or viscose would be perfect. If you used a stiffer fabric, the resulting top would look a bit more boxy. You could also use jersey - but it would be worth going down a size if you do.

If you like the pattern and fancy trying it out - grab it quickly while it's on sale! You can get the pattern HERE, and I'd love to hear what options you would sew for your top?

Sunday, 26 August 2018

New Designer Stitch pattern - The Gemma Twist Top

Well Ann from Designer Stitch has been at it again - all of her patterns are so now and on point - and the Gemma Twist Top is no exception!

Ann showed us her original concept a while back in the pattern tester group - a beautiful drapey top with a fun twisty knot in the front - all of us testers loved the style.... But then Ann took it a step further and added a second style to the pattern - a knot in the back!

Both styles are so fun, but I couldn't resist the beautiful lines of the back twist top - so this was what I made first!

At risk of sounding like a gushing fan girl - Ann's patterns are always perfectly drafted - so I dived straight in with my good fabric and trusted that my top would come out great! And I wasn't disappointed :)

I would advise having a little read through the pattern before starting, and then just trust the instructions - it comes together in a really clever way. And for what looks like a complicated pattern - it's actually very quick to sew.

I love this fabric I got from Flamingo Fabrics - I saw it a while ago and loved the colours - then spotted the bolt end on the website, it was just less than a meter and I managed to squeeeeze this top out of it! (For reference I made a size 3)

When you pick out fabric for this pattern - the drapier the better! Rayon and viscose jerseys are best.

I have my fabric picked out for my twist front version - now if only someone would add more hours to the day.....!!