Wednesday 3 June 2015

Hey June - Biscayne Blouse - Testing and pattern release

Not so long ago I tested the Evergreen Jacket for Adrianna at Hey June - and I absolutely loved it!! A great pattern - and now one of my most worn jackets!! So when I saw the testing call for the latest Hey June pattern - the Biscayne Blouse - I jumped at the chance to test again!

This blouse is totally my style! I love to chuck a floaty top on over a pair of leggings - so I can run around after the kids, be comfy, but still keep some feminine styling! I added a belt to mine, to give my waist a bit more definition.

There are some lovely details on the blouse - a little welt pocket, which is optional - but I think it adds a little bit of extra 'something' (but it was really hard to photograph on this fabric!!!), and a super clever placket that hides the buttons and gives a really sleek finish.

There is also the option to lengthen the blouse - I chose to do this, because I wanted it to sit a little lower and cover my bottom!

At the front neckline on each side and at the centre back neckline there is a little bit of gathering, which just adds some nice shaping to the blouse.

I was a little nervous about using chiffon, but all the more fiddly bits of the pattern are interfaced, so it was actually really easy! You could just go with a cotton fabric if you want to work with something more stable, or use a rayon for a bit more drape.

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow - and some great images help out with each step - particularly some of the more fiddly bits!

I love that I can also dress the blouse up with a high-waisted skirt and look really smart for work too!

Get the pattern now while it's still on sale HERE ($8 instead of $10). And check out what some of the other testers did in THIS blog post - there are some seriously pretty tops!!


  1. Thanks again for being a fabulous tester Stacey! I'm keeping you on the list if you don't mind ;)

    1. Absolutely! I would love to test for you again! :)