Sunday 26 August 2018

New Designer Stitch pattern - The Gemma Twist Top

Well Ann from Designer Stitch has been at it again - all of her patterns are so now and on point - and the Gemma Twist Top is no exception!

Ann showed us her original concept a while back in the pattern tester group - a beautiful drapey top with a fun twisty knot in the front - all of us testers loved the style.... But then Ann took it a step further and added a second style to the pattern - a knot in the back!

Both styles are so fun, but I couldn't resist the beautiful lines of the back twist top - so this was what I made first!

At risk of sounding like a gushing fan girl - Ann's patterns are always perfectly drafted - so I dived straight in with my good fabric and trusted that my top would come out great! And I wasn't disappointed :)

I would advise having a little read through the pattern before starting, and then just trust the instructions - it comes together in a really clever way. And for what looks like a complicated pattern - it's actually very quick to sew.

I love this fabric I got from Flamingo Fabrics - I saw it a while ago and loved the colours - then spotted the bolt end on the website, it was just less than a meter and I managed to squeeeeze this top out of it! (For reference I made a size 3)

When you pick out fabric for this pattern - the drapier the better! Rayon and viscose jerseys are best.

I have my fabric picked out for my twist front version - now if only someone would add more hours to the day.....!!