Monday 5 November 2018

George and Ginger Lively dress release

If you don't already follow Kristi of George and Ginger Patterns I highly recommend you go and find her on Facebook, Instagram or just follow the blog on her website. She is definitely one of the most stylish people I have come across online, and a trendsetter for sure!

Her newest pattern is no exception - I just love all the pretty details in this dress! 

This is the Lively Dress, and it is now available and on sale with 25% off the standard price.

My favorite thing about this pattern is the beautiful ruched bodice - this really jumped out at me when the tester call was posted. The top of the dress is lined, so if you wanted to go for a more simple bodice without ruching, you can just use the lining pieces and voila!

The pattern has a massive size range, going from tween size 12 and 14, through to women's sizes 0-26. The pattern pages are trim free and include the layering option for ease of use.

Options include top and dress length and two sleeve types - bell or elasticated.

I went with the bell sleeves, which is a style I haven't tried before. I was initially a little reserved as to how they would look on me, but they are so fun and 'swooshy' (is that even a word?!) - so I was quickly converted!

If neither of the sleeves are your style though, you can always leave the bottom part of the sleeve off and hem at elbow length!

Make sure you check out the listing page of the pattern to see all the lovely dresses and tops created by the other testers - they all came out fabulous! The tester pictures have been cleverly set out in size order, so if you are one of those people who wonder what a pattern might look like on you by comparing to someone with similar measurements - wonder no more!! Check it out!!!

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