Sunday 17 August 2014

My First Blog Post!

Hello! So this is my first blog post - I am going to take this opportunity to both introduce myself and practice how to actually use this page!!

My name is Stacey and one of my main passions in life, other than my wonderful family, is sewing - mostly for my 5 month old little boy and nearly 3 year old girl - and because I love it so much, it is what I intend to blog about mostly :)

I am hoping that having a page to record all my projects on might encourage me to sew up some of my ever growing fabric stash, and maybe stop me from shopping online for any more fabric.... Or possibly not!!!

I have also recently started taking part in lots of pattern testing, helping various designers of PDF sewing patterns around the world to perfect their work before it goes out for sale - it's great fun and I would love to have somewhere to write some reviews :)

Here are some of the recent things I have sewn -


  1. Yay! Welcome to blogland. Your sewing is amazing!
    Sue xx

  2. This is so cool, lovely to see a lot of your works of art together on one forum, can't wait to see more, Love Mum xx