Friday 7 November 2014

Made By Jacks Mum Starry Night PJs pattern release

I'm really excited about this pattern release!! My little boy is a bit of an awkward size for bottoms, he's very long and slim, so all his shop bought trousers are either super loose on him and slide down, or by the time they fit his waist the trousers are more like shorts!! So when I saw Made By Jacks Mum was after some testers for her awesome PJs set I jumped at it!!

The pattern includes an envelope neck top and and footed pants - the pants come with two size options - fluffy fit for cloth users and trim fit for disposables or underwear. Both styles of pant have a soft, elastic free waistband for maximum comfort.

With the top you have free reign to get creative with an appliqué if you want to - my fabric was just plain solid colours so I decided I definitely needed something to jazz it up!! I used some of my fabric offcuts and made a little robot to go on the front!

With the trousers, Sarah the designer has given some great detailed instructions for altering the pattern to create the perfect fit for every shape and size - whether it be big feet, long legs, small waist - you will get a great fit every time!! Perfect for my little boy - his trousers fit perfectly, and no slipping down!

There are also some additional instructions to really customise your PJs - there are two different methods for adding elastic to the ankle (so little feet don't slip out of position), and instructions on how to add a cuff to the bottom of the top and wrist cuffs.

This pattern can be made up in various fabrics - it works best with stretchy fabrics like jersey, but you could also use woven fabrics - they would be lovely in flannel. Sarah gives some great advice for beginners with stretch fabrics and how to adjust if you want to use woven.

The pattern comes in size small newborn/prem. up to age 4, and with all the useful hints and tips would definitely be suitable for enthusiastic beginners.

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